Preserving Your Family's Estate and Financial Future

Troy Barnes has been working with various Elder Law Attorneys since 1998. Under their tutelage, he has acquired a wealth of understanding as to how attorneys legally prepare an estate for preservation.

Over the years Troy has determined that most of the people that he has been able to assist with their estate planning have been reluctant, for sometimes over a decade, to get the process started and eventually finished.
Most people procrastinate their estate planning for the following reasons:

They don’t want to deal with their death & aging

They don’t want to deal with attorneys

Nursing home costs

They don’t know how to choose the right attorney

They don’t want to spend the money to hire an attorney

What is, for most families, estate planning? Most families that we have assisted simply need a Revocable Living Trust, drafted by one of our network attorneys. Revocable Living Trusts allow the creators (trustors) to keep their family out of a public probate upon their death.

Most people who have created a Living Trust have done so to avoid probate and to ensure that their assets are distributed to their heirs (beneficiaries) in the manner in which they have provided for in the instructions in their documents. Since there is no probate, the estate is settled in the privacy of the family.

This is all wonderful, however, we are far more concerned with what happens to an estate while our clients are alive. Critical illness and the high cost of nursing homes can wipe out assets if there are no provisions in the legal documents that allow for proper planning to receive public benefits. The attorneys that we have interviewed and selected for you all incorporate the necessary language and provisions in their documents that allow for Medicare and VA Benefits planning. Please see our Medicare & VA Benefits page.

So why use EP to facilitate your Estate Plan?

We believe these are all fantastic reasons to engage our services:

To receive assistance in a compassionate manner to start and complete this very sensitive and sometimes emotional project.

To receive the knowledge that through our experience we have asked the right questions, on your behalf, of our attorneys.

To be relieved of the many tasks that are required by other attorneys. With our program, we do much of your work for you and for the attorney as well.

Not are we only saving you many hours of work, we are saving you money as well.

Our attorneys offer you deep discounts due to the thoroughness of our service.

We are with you in every step of the way through the process. Upon completion of your estate planning documents, we assist you in funding your assets into the trust and make the appropriate beneficiary changes to your IRAs, life and annuity policies.

Finally, to have a very personal relationship that your whole family can count on. We include any and all family orientations and education on your estate plan.

Please call for a no-cost consultation.

Other legal service referrals available:

Irrevocable Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, LLCs, LLPs, Corporations, Family Limited Partnerships, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Life insurance Trusts, Real estate law and Tax Law.

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