Let us show you about a VA Benefit that you have probably never heard of.

There are thousands of veterans and their surviving spouses that haven’t been told that they have earned the right to receive a benefit known as “Aid & Attendance”. If the veteran served during a time of war/conflict and has any nursing care needs, he and his spouse can qualify for up to $2,169 per month of benefits. The benefit is considered to be a reimbursement for care.

There are restrictions for eligibility and we understand them. More importantly, we understand how to design a plan that will get you the benefit you have earned and also make sure that you are still set up to receive Medicaid in the event you or your spouse needs a skilled nursing facility. This is important because many VA planners don’t understand all the Medicaid rules and regulations.

The current benefit amounts for Aid & Attendance are:

  • Married Veteran = Up to $2,169 per month
  • Single Veteran = Up to $1,830 per month
  • Widowed Veteran = $1,176 per month
  • Married spouse, ask about our basic pension of $1,480 per month.