Preserving Your Family's Estate and Financial Future

With our experience working for and with Elder Law and Estate Planning Firms, we are clear that the support your successor trustees and agents will need is usually totally overlooked.

The average family that have their estate planning affairs in order still goes through unnecessary time and legal fees after death has occurred. Our experience is that this is the outcome to the TRADITIONAL approach to estate planning (get lawyer and wait for decades for the family to need their support).

We don’t believe that is fair or necessary.

Matter of fact, it is OBSOLETE in our experience.

We take your Survivor & trusted Servants through all processes to prepare and then support them through the myriad of different processes they must go through and at fraction of the cost that an attorney will charge. Most of these processes DO NOT need an attorney to perform.

The Estate settlement and distribution phase is often a very tumultuous and drawn out process. With our relationship, support and coaching, estate settlement is a very coordinated and successful effort. After all, a big reason to complete your estate plan to begin with is for family unity throughout time, correct?

Your choice; let Estate Protectors coach your trustees before a time of need or let the attorney that created your documents do all of the work and charge ultimately far more than your estate should pay to be managed and settled.