Solving the Financial Component to Senior Relocation, Living and Care.

Downsizing or relocating for care is a real possibility in the aging process!

Let’s discuss how this might look and plan for it!

There are so many components mixed in with this major decision:

• Care Evaluations

• Property decisions (do we sell or do we keep?)

• Real Estate transaction

• Financial needs analysis

• Placement coordination

• Moving and organizing

• Changes to legal documents

• Follow-up

Since many of our clients are now a decade and a half older than they were when we met them, we have supported dozens of families in the process of determining what is in their best interest with any necessary or desired changes to their living environment.

We have been retained on many occasions to handle all facets of the moving project, including;

• The Realtor 

• Escrow 

• Income and Financial Planning 

• Organization 

• Estate Sales 

• Care Planning and Cash Flow Analysis

• Move Management

Many of our clients create a more attractive quality of living after downsizing.

We would be honored to come by for a consult to discuss your relocation plans and dreams.

Senior Relocation Estate Protectors

Are you in your 60s, 70s or 80s and are overwhelmed with the multi-layered processes of moving out the home you have lived in for decades?