Investment Advisory Services

We are obligated to act as your fiduciary when developing financial solutions and your retirement goals.

What that means is we are held to a Standard that surpasses what a Registered Representative (Stock Broker) or just an Insurance Agent must abide by.

Our Registered Investment Advisory License is based on the “Fiduciary Standard”, not the “Suitability Standard” that applies to other financial professionals.

We MUST present to you concepts, strategies and products that are in your BEST INTEREST, not ours. We ARE NOT selling any products. We suggest products and programs that fit into the model that our team feels suits your situation and goals best.

As a result, we don’t operate on loads and commissions, but instead, fees for our asset managerial services. This creates an environment that is really a partnership between you and our office. As fee based planners, if we make money for you, we both benefit in a raise. Therefore, we also participate in any losses as our revenue will be affected accordingly.

Our managed accounts are primarily used for growth, as income programs that we have created are usually a combination of guaranteed streams for income from insurance companies and alternative commissionable investments.

For a investment planning conference, please fill out the contact information on this page or by calling our office for an appointment.

Registered Investment advisory services are offered through Estate Protectors Capital Management, a registered investment advisor. The firm only transacts business in states where it is properly registered, or is excluded or exempted from registration requirements.