Income Planning

Moving out of the accumulation phase of our lives, demands new strategies with money as the distribution phase starts.

When taking money from your investments, everything changes, the MATH totally changes. Let us show you.

Our Income Planning philosophy is based on the idea that we create a PayCheck for all of the fixed retirement expenses, then a PlayCheck for discretionary retirement spending. Additionally, if financial resources permit, we create deferred streams of income for hedging inflation.

With any additional resources, we create care pre-plans, investment portfolios and/or very comprehensive legacy plans for the heirs.

We accomplish this method of extremely predictable income management by incorporating the following programs:

  • Budget Analysis
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Guaranteed Fixed Insurance Strategies (self-funded taxable and tax-free pensions)
  • Fixed Income Investments
  • Growth Models

To receive or White Paper on our Financial Philosophy or to schedule a retirement income planning conference , please fill out the contact information on this page or by calling our office for an appointment.