Settlement & Wealth Transfer

We help navigate the process of transferring your wealth through your estate, saving you money and time.

Our intention is to have such a strong, ongoing relationship with our clients that we have the privilege of maintaining their family’s estate plan over many generations. Our estate management services greatly minimize the estate settlement process after death.

There are many processes that do need to happen in estate settlement, only some of which need to be done by an experienced elder law attorney.

We has shown hundreds of families that we provide a level of support that bridges the service gap between a law firm and the family. We offer intimate guidance through the confusing and emotional experiences a family finds after the death of a loved one. Why pay excessive attorney fees when you don’t have to?

Because of our long term support and relationship with our clients, many of their adult children an even grandchildren adult children have naturally become our clients too.(sometimes third) We are honored and privileged to provide such rewarding services to our clients’ families, even when they have left us. That is what we call “Legacy Planning”!