Family Meeting

The main purpose of this meeting is for family unity and to discuss the aging process, to discuss the Estate Plan and authorization of key family members, and Life-Care Planning strategies and future solutions.

Pre-planning is the key to “Peace of Mind”!

Our experience has shown that most families simply DO NOT communicate effectively in the areas of estate, financial, care and planning for death. We have witnessed many families that have all of their planning affairs in order and yet, at a time of crisis, their trusted agents and survivors are completely out of the loop of knowing their responsibilities. They don’t understand what they are authorized and need to do. They don’t know where to locate assets and important documents. This meeting will GREATLY help your trusted members of your documents understand what has been created and will reduce the confusion and fear around being a successor trustee or attorney-in-fact (agent) by simply communicating with the families before a crisis occurs.

Estate Protectors assists families by starting the following conversations:

  • What happens when Mom and Dad need a nurse?
  • Financial, Veterans Benefits, Medicaid components to pay for care needs.
  • Relocation strategies for downsizing, moving to assisted living or a skilled nursing care stay.
  • Estate Protectors continual support, Survivor and Trustee coaching.