Estate Management

There are many more important reasons to having a living trust than just avoiding probate!

Here are some of the other benefits:

Special needs provisions for a disabled spouse or child

Current tax code provisions that maximize your ability to protect your estate

Asset protection from creditors and predators

MediCAID provisions that allow proper planning to avoid the spend down from a long term nursing care stay

Specific instruments that incorporate protection of your beneficiary accounts, such as life insurance

Peace-of-Mind knowing that You are leaving Your intended legacy.

Our experience has shown that 9 out of 10 trusts are simply written to avoid probate, but not much else.


Estate Protectors services compliment and go far beyond what an attorney’s office will provide you.

It is our experience, licenses and our relationships with other advisory professionals that puts us in the position to ask for, “the opportunity to manage all of your estate, financial, insurance and aging needs”.

The intention of Estate Protectors is to create such a close relationship with our clients that they feel confident with us to manage all facets of their estate and financial needs. We operate as the Estate Quarterback, communicating with the family, while coordinating the efforts of other professionals.