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St George Estate Planning & Insurance

Estate planning Services

Preparing for the legacy you want to leave behind.

Property & Casualty Insurance

Covering all of your liability exposure through home, auto, umbrella, and business insurance.

for your retirement

Your whole financial life changes in retirement. What’s your plan?

Planning for care

Nurses and nursing drastically change your budget. Planning ahead is crucial.

Senior Relocation services

One of the largest and most stressful transitions in life is when we need to move into senior care facilities.

Estate Settlement & Wealth Transfer

Ensure that your estate is transferred in the manner you intend.

Preserving Your Family's Estate and Financial Future

Estate Protectors is here to help you navigate through the complex maze of decisions that need to be made during the aging process.

Our senior community, veterans, families and business owners deserve expert navigation with the necessary planning options. At Estate Protectors, we provide this guidance by offering an abundance of professional and advisory relationships to assist us in our comprehensive approach to Estate Protection, Financial & Business Planning and Senior Planning Solutions.

Because we can never know too much.

We haven’t survived in the competitive industry we are in, for as long as we have, without being absolutely committed to serving our clients on a personal, intimate and professional basis. That is why we continue to educate ourselves in all new developments in the disciplines of Estate Planning, Insurance, Investments, Tax Planning, VA Benefits, and Medicaid . We assure our clients that we constantly push ourselves to be more prepared each day to serve them and their families by gaining more licenses, certifications, training, experience and professional advisory associates.

Let's get to know each other.

Our process to better understand how we can assist you on many levels, is to meet with you in our office or at your home.  We often encourage the adult children to participate in the process which includes two meetings:

  • The Discovery Meeting, where we perform a Needs Analysis and get to know one another.
  • The Proposal Meeting, after evaluating your data, we create various solutions to discuss in this second meeting to determine whether we want to work with one another, what options to integrate into your Action Plan, and what the fees would be to do so.  Then we implement the often multi-faceted Plan.